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Monday, October 30

Study reveals Maize will be alternate for Kuruvai Paddy crop

TNPSC Current Affairs - October 2017 by TNPSC Guru. 
Recent study conducted by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has revealed that cultivation Maize is alternate for Kuruvai paddy during the time of water scarcity.The short period maize cultivation can bring handful income to the farmers.

  • The farmers in delta region facing water scarcity especially during  kuruvai season (Month of sowing June-July less than 120 days) because most of them are completely depend on Cauvery water.
  • Past couple of years water from Mettur dam was not released on time , which caused water scarcity to the farmers in delta region during Kuruvai season which leave most of the land fallow.
  • To overcome this issue, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has undergone a field study and suggested Maize is suitable alternative for Paddy during water scarcity.
  • Maize is less water consuming, adoptable to the Delta region, and also yield good income to the farmers.
  • This is conducted as part of the World Bank funded Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation Programme (TNIAMP) 

More Information about planting season in Tamil Nadu:
  • Navarai – month of sowing is Dec-Jan(duration less than 120 days)
  • Sornavarai - month of sowing is Apr-May(duration less than 120 days)
  • Kar - month of sowing is May- Jun(duration less than 120 days)
  • Kuruvai - month of sowing is Jun-July(duration less than 120 days)
  • Early Samba - month of sowing is July-Aug(duration 130-135 days)
  • Samba - month of sowing is August (duration 130-135 to less than 150 days)
  • Late Samba - month of sowing is Sept - Oct(duration 130-135 days)
  • Late Thaladi - month of sowing is Oct-Nov(duration 115- 120 days)

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