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Wednesday, December 31

[Quiz] Science Biology- Free Online Test - 1 (6th STD)

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC
Science - Biology

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 6th Std
Science Biology Full
Science Biology Online Test Series No: 1
No of Questions
10 Min
Difficulty Level
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TNPSC Free Online Test

  1. Which state is known as Spice garden of India?
    1.  Tamil nadu
    2.  Karnataka
    3.  Assam
    4.  Kerala 

  2. Arrange ascending order as per water content
    1.  Milk, Water melon, cucumber, egg, mushroom, potato
    2.  Water melon, cucumber , mushroom, milk, potato, egg
    3.  Milk, Egg, cucumber, water melon, potato, mushroom
    4.  Water melon, Milk, Cucumber, mushroom, Egg, potato

  3. Which pair is rightly matched as per deficiency disease
    1.  Vitamin  D              -  Rickets
    2.  Vitamin C              - Infertility
    3.  Vitamin B              - Scurvy
    4.  Vitamin A              - Beri Beri

  4. Match the correct pair
               1 Calcium                      a, anemia
        2, Iodine                         b, Disintegration of bones and teeth
        3, Iron                             c, Goiter
        4, Protein                       d, kwashiorkar
    1.  c, b, a, d
    2.  a, b, c, d
    3.  d, a ,b , c
    4.  b,  c, a, d

  5. Which pair is correctly matched as per the mode of nutrition
        No Nutrition Organism
        1 Autotrophic - Euglena
        2 Parasitic         - Cuscuta
        3 Ectoparasite - Headlouse
        4 Endoparasite - Round worm
        5 Saprophytic - Mushroom
    1.  4 & 5
    2.  1, 4, 5
    3.  1,2,4,5
    4.  1,2,3,4,5

  6. Lack of which vitamin cause Loss of Excessive blood ?
    1.  vitamin A
    2.  vitamin K
    3.  Vitamin B
    4.  Vitamin D

  7. The name CELL given by?
    1.  Robert Gallo
    2.  Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    3.  Robert Brown
    4.  Robert Hooke

  8. - A cell which do not have membrane bound organelles and  nucleus is Prokaryotic  Cell, B - A cell which contains , nuclear membrane and membrane bound cell organelles nucleus is Eukaryotic Cell,
    1.  Both are correct
    2.  Only A is Correct
    3.  Only B is Correct
    4.  Neither A nor B is Correct

  9. Find out the wrong statement
                I,    Plasma membrane controls exit and entry of the material in Cell
        II,   Nucleus is controlling center and carry genetic characters in cell
        III,  Mitochondria is known as power house of the cell.
        IV, Endoplasmic reticulum helps in transportation of materials in cell.
    1.  only I, II, III are correct
    2.  only  I,II,IV are correct
    3.  only III,IV are correct
    4.  all are correct

  10. Find out the correct pair
    I - Chlorophyll = Green color;
    II - Carotene = orange Pigment
    III- xanthophyll = Yellow pigment
    1.  I, II are correct
    2.  all are correct
    3.  only III are correct
    4.  only I are correct

  11. The book "Origin of species " was written by
    1.  Anton van Leeuwenhoek 
    2.  H.M.S  Beagle
    3.  Robert Gallo
    4.  charles darwin

  12. A: snake heart is 3 chambered , B: snakes are oviparous  but Anaconda is viviparous 
    1.  Only B is correct
    2.  neither A nor B is correct
    3.  Only A is Correct
    4.  Both are Correct

  13. Common cold is caused by which virus
    1.  Herpes virus
    2.  Rhino virus
    3.  Rabdo virus
    4.  None of the Above

  14. Chicken pox is caused by which virus
    1.  All the below
    2.  Rabdo virus
    3.  Rhino virus
    4.  Herpes virus

  15. Penicillin  is discovered by
    1.  Robert Hooke
    2.  Robert Gallo
    3.  Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    4.  Alexander flemming

  16. The example of Molluscs is
    1.  sea cucumber
    2.  snail
    3.  Star fish
    4.  earth worm

  17. Find out the Odd one
    1.  chickenpox  
    2.  Rabies  
    3.  tuberculosis
    4.  Common cold

  18. Tusks of Elephant is
    1.  Incisors
    2.  canines 
    3.  premolars
    4.  Molars    

  19. Echinoderms organism is
    1.  Earthworm
    2.  snail   
    3.  Star fish
    4.  tapeworm 

  20. A: Paddy  comes under monocot plant , B: Monocot plant has fibrous roots.
    1.  Both are Correct
    2.  Only A is correct
    3.  Only B is Correct
    4.  Neither A nor B is Correct

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Monday, December 22

Study Plan for TNUSRB SI Sub Inspector 2015

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In this post, we are going discuss about how to prepare for the upcoming Tamil Nadu Sub Inspector 2015 Exam. You can also get answers for many questions like How to start, from which topic we should start, what are all the most important topics, question type, prescribed books, etc..,

Facts to keep in mind:
  • The gap between the upcoming TNUSRB SI exam and the previous TN SI exam is 4 years.
  • So, the competition level will be very very high.
  • The Question paper will be of Degree Standard. Almost equal to TNPSC Group 2 Exam Level.
  • It requires minimum 3-6 months of intense preparation to clear the written exam.
  • If you think that you will start preparing for SI exam after the publication of TNUSRB SI 2015 Notification, you will have just 2/3 months in hand.
  • So, it is the right time to start.
Must Have Things:
  1. Science
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Economy
  5. Indian Polity
  6. Current Affairs
  7. Aptitude
  8. Language : Tamil and English
How to score more marks?

If you see the scheme of exam closely, out of 140 questions 60 questions will be asked from the aptitude section and remaining 80 questions from General knowledge part.

In Aptitude section, if we see the questions it will look very easy. But, if you try to solve, it will not be so easy as you have thought. You must have to answer 50 and above questions correctly out of 60 questions in the aptitude section. So, regular practice is very necessary for that. Also one more important thing to note is that the traditional aptitude questions ( area, distance speed, time, Interest etc.,) will not be there, even if they come it will be very few. But, we are not going to say to avoid those questions, because these topics will give you the base to solve any kind of problems. Practice is the only Key to score more marks in Aptitude.

Study Plan for TNUSRB SI Exam

  • You can also prepare your own study plan and follow it.
  • We have designed this study plan for 15 weeks(~100 days)
  • After two weeks of preparation you have to allot a particular day in a week for revising the whole thing you have studied till that day. 
  • Thereafter you have to follow this regularly for every week. This will reduce the revision time in the later stages.
  • Give Topicwise regular test.
  • READ - REVISE - REVISE is the key to success.
Week 1
  • Start with Geography, because if you finish geography first it will be useful for all other subjects like history, economics, polity, etc.,
  1. Geography Part 1 (Divide Entire Geography Portions into 3 parts)
  2. Physics 6th and 7th std
  3. Aptitude: Number Simplification [Important]
Week 2

  1. Geography Part 2 
  2. Physics 8th and 9th std
  3. Aptitude: Ratios and Proportions [Very Important]

Week 3

  1. Geography Part 3
  2. Physics 10th Std
  3. Aptitude: Age based Problems
Week 4

  1. History 6th and 7th Std
  2. Chemistry 6th and 7th Std
  3. Aptitude: Family relation based Problems [Important]
Week 5

  1. History 8th and 9th Std
  2. Chemistry 8th and 9th Std
  3. Aptitude: Number Series [Very Important]
Week 6

  1. History 10th Std
  2. Chemistry 10th Std
  3. Aptitude: Coding and Decoding [Very Important]
Week 7

  1. Economics 6th, 7th and 8th Std
  2. Biology 6th and 7th std
  3. Aptitude: Permutations and Combinations
Week 8

  1. Economics 9th and 10th std
  2. Biology 8th, 9th
  3. Aptitude:Area, Volume
Week 9

  1. Indian Polity Part 1 (Divide Indian Polity into 3 Parts)
  2. Biology 10th std
  3. Aptitude: Time and Work

Week 10

  1. Indian Polity Part 2
  2. Physics 11th
  3. Aptitude: Speed, Distance
Week 11

  1. Indian Polity Part 3
  2. Physics 12th
  3. Aptitude: Profit, Loss

Week 12

  1. Geography 11th std
  2. Chemistry 11th Std
  3. Aptitude: Simple interest , compound Interest

Week 13

  1. Geography 12th std
  2. Chemistry 12th Std
  3. Aptitude: reasoning [Very Very Important]
Week 14

  1. History 11th and 12th
  2. Biology 11th Std
  3. Tamil Grammar

Week 15

  1. Economics 11th and 12th std
  2. Biology 12th Std
  3. Tamil Authors and their works [Very Important]

All the Very best for your Exams...!!!
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Sunday, December 21

TNPSC Group 4 2014 Previous Year Question Paper With Solved Answer Key Download - TNPSC Group 4 Model Question Paper

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TNPSC Group 4 2014 Exam Solved Question Paper Download

TNPSC - Tamil Nadu Public service commission is going conduct the TNPSC Group 4 2014 on 21st December 2014 at various centres throughout Tamil Nadu. Nearly 10 lakh of candidates are expected to appear for the upcoming TNPSC Group 4 Examination. The number of posts this year is 4963.

After the TNPSC Group 4 2014 Examination the candidates will be eagerly waiting for the Answer Keys. We will help you to get the TNPSC Group 4 2014 answer key in a very shortest period. Here we will provide information about the private institution TNPSC Group 4 answer key on 21st Dec 2014 itself. The official TNPSC group 4 answer key will be updated one or two days after the exam.

TNPSC Group 4 2014 Previous Year Question Paper With Solved Answer Key Download

TNPSC Group 4 Official Answer key 2014 Download Links updated Check Soon...

TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Answer Key DOWNLOAD HERE [in English]
TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Answer Key DOWNLOAD Here  [in Tamil]
TNPSC Group 4 General English Answer Key DOWNLOAD Here  
TNPSC Group 4 General Tamil Answer Key DOWNLOAD Here

TNPSC Group 4 2014 Question Paper - General Studies with Answer Key DOWNLOAD [Download Here] [in English] 

TNPSC Group 4 2014 General English Question Paper [Download Here]

TNPSC Group 4 Dec 2014 Exam Result
New: TNPSC Group 4 2014 Result Published
Candidates can discuss Answer key after the TNPSC Group 4 2014 Exam on 21st December 2014 in this page so kindly Bookmark this page (Press Ctrl+D). The opinion will be consolidated and the entire answer key will be released within few hours.

You can also check the TNPSC Group 4 2014 Expected Cut Off marks in our website and give your opinion about the cut off marks.

TNPSC Group 4 Dec 2014 Exam Scheme/Pattern

TNPSC Group 4 exam 21st Dec 2014 Analysis
The Question paper had 200 Questions in total with two Parts. Duration of Exam : 3.00 hrs
  • Part A - General Tamil / English (100 Questions)
  • Part B - General Knowledge (100 Questions) 
General Knowledge Section:
TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Section Wise Analysis

  • Aptitude - 25 Questions
  • History 16 Questions
  • Polity 13 Questions
  • Current Affairs 10 Questions
  • Biology 9 Questions
  • Geography 8 Questions
  • Economics 6 Questions
  • Physics 4 Questions
  • Chemistry 3 Questions
  • Others 3 Questions
  • Books 2 Questions
  • Days 2 Questions
General English Section:

English Grammar Section:
English Literature Section:

General Tamil Section: will be decoded soon...

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Friday, December 12

Tamil Nadu 69% Reservation Rule for Government Jobs, Counselling

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Many of you may have the doubt regarding the reservation percentage for your category followed Tamil nadu government for various purposes.

In Tamil nadu 69% Reservation is followed.

Below here is the latest reservation percentage for all categories.

Reservation %

The above reservation rule is applicable for all recruitment in Tamil nadu like TNPSC, TNUSRB, TRB, Anna University Counselling, etc.,
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TN Employment Exchange Latest News 2015

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All latest news of TN Employment exchange at one place.

Dec 2014

11 Dec, 2014
Tamil Nadu government recently published a circular regarding the renewal of registrations.
According to the circular, the Candidates those who missed their chances to renew their registration at Tamil nadu employment exchange in the year 2011, 2012, 2013 are given a chance to renew. They have to renew their registration before March 7, 2015.

They can renew their registration through any one of the following method.

  1. Through Online -
  2. Through District Employment Exchange
  3. Through Registered Post.
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[Results] TNPSC Group 2a Non Interview 2014 Result Published[29.06.2014]

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TNPSC successfully conducted the TNPSC Group 2a Non Interview 2014 Exam on 29th June 2014. This time the total number of vacancies is 2846, you can also check the number of TNPSC Group 2a Non Interview vacancy 2014 Districtwise in your District and neighboring districtNearly 6.32 Lakhs Candidates have Applied for the TNPSC Group 2a Non Interview 2014 Exam.

TNPSC Group 2a 2014 Cut Off Marks
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Wednesday, December 10

TNPSC General English Study Materials - Part C - 5. Which Nationality the Poet belongs to?

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TNPSC General English Study Materials Download

TNPSC General English Study Materials - Part C - 5. Which Nationality the Poet belongs to?

  1. Kamala Das - Indian
  2. V.K. Gokak - Indian
  3. Famida Y. Basheer - Indian
  4. Annie Louisa walker -British
  5. D.H. Lawrence - British
  6. Rudyard Kipling - British
  7. Elizabeth Barrett Browning - British
  8. William Shakespeare - British
  9. William Wordsworth - British
  10. Thomas Hardy - British
  11. Robert Frost - American
  12. Edgar A. Guest - American
  13. Ralph Waldo Emerson - American
  14. Jack Prelutsky - American
  15. Stephen Vincent Benet - American
  16. H.W. Long Fellow - American
  17. Walt Whitman - American
  18. Archibald Lampman - Canadian
  19. Khalil Gibran - Lebanese
  20. F. Joanna - (updated soon)

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TNPSC Health Officer Recruitment 2014-2015 - 33 Vacancies

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TNPSC Health Officer Recruitment 2014-2015

TNPSC - Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission invites online application for the post of Health Officer in Tamil nadu Public health Service. The Detailed eligibility criteria, important dates, exam pattern and many more details regarding the exam and the recruitment process has been mentioned in the TNPSC Health Officer 2014-2015 Recruitment notification. Eligible candidates can apply only through online mode. You can also check all the upcoming TNPSC Exams 2014-2015.

TNPSC Health Officer Recruitment
Candidates can download the TNPSC Health Officer Notification below

Vacancy Details:
  1.  TNPSC Health Officer in Tamil Nadu health Service - 33 Posts

Educational Qualification

(i) B.S.Sc.( Bachelor of Sanitary Science) degree of Institution recognized
by the Medical Council of India or the Diploma in Public Health (2 years
duration) of the University of Calcutta.
(ii) A certificate of having undergone a special course of training in Sanitary
Science in the Medical Colleges, Madras for a period of not less than one
year and of having passed the examination for Licentiate in Public Health
held at the end of that course.

Application Fee:
  1. Cost of Examination Fee - Rs. 125/-
Important Dates
  • Notification Date: 10th December 2014
  • Last Date for Applying and Online Fee Payment : 9th January 2015
  • Last Date for payment of Exam Free through Bank/Post Office (Offline): 13th January 2015
  • Exam Date : 
    • Date of Written Examination
    •  Paper –I (Social and Preventive Medicine) 22.02.2015 FN 10.00 AM – 01.00 PM
    • Paper – II (General Studies) 22.02.2015 AN 02.30PM – 04.30 PM 
TNPSC Health Officer Hall Ticket 2015
Exam Pattern
1.Paper-I - 200 Questions -300 Marks
2.Paper-II - 100 Questions - 200 Marks
Minimum Qualifying Marks
  • SC/SCA/ST -  171 Marks
  • MBC/BC -  171 Marks
  • Others -  228 Marks
 Apply Online
Candidates can apply only via online mode. To apply online please visit the below website link
For TNPSC One Time Registration Visit Here 
To Apply Online Visit

Examination Centre

  • Chennai Centre only (Code No. 001).
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Tuesday, December 9

[Quiz] History - Free Online Test (10th STD) Chap-11

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th Std
Chapter - 11
Pre Gandhian Era
History Online Test Series
No of Questions
10 Min
Difficulty Level
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Coffee Timer
Time Remaining
Next Test>> : History Online Test Series
TNPSC Free Online Test

  1. The year in which Surat split happened
    1.  1905
    2.  1907
    3.  1906
    4.  1911

  2. Under the leadership of whom the All india muslim league was formed?
    1.  Maulana Abul kalam Azad
    2.  Sir Syed Admed Khan
    3.  Salimullah Khan
    4.  Ghaffer Khan

  3. Who described the Montague Chelmsford Reform as "ungenerous for England to offer and unworthy for India to accept"
    1.  Annie Besant
    2.  M K Gandhi
    3.  Motilal Nehru
    4.  Tilak

  4. What is the most important factor that led to the rise of nationalist movement in India?
    1.  Imperialism
    2.  Education
    3.  Tax reforms
    4.  Liberalism

  5. The Celebration of Shivaji  and Ganapathi festivals was revived by ____ to arouse the national feelings
    1.  C R Das
    2.  Gandhi
    3.  Gokhale
    4.  Tilak

  6. Who formed the Home Rule League in Bombay?
    1.  Annie Besant
    2.  Tilak
    3.  M K Gandhi
    4.  Gokhale

  7. Who formed the Khilafat Movement?
    1.  Ali brothers (Muhammed Ali and saukat Ali)
    2.  Maulana Abul kalam Azad
    3.  Sir Syed Admad Khan
    4.  Both A and Band 

  8. The indian National Congress was founded in the year___
    1.  1858
    2.  1883
    3.  1885
    4.  1890

  9. Ilbert Bill -
    1.  1857
    2.  1881
    3.  1883
    4.  1878

  10. Who was the president of the First INC Session?
    1.  Surendarnath Bannerjee
    2.  W C bannerjee
    3.  A O Hume
    4.  C R Das

  11. In which year the Vernacular press act was passed?
    1.  1856
    2.  1857
    3.  1877
    4.  1878

  12. Who ordered firing in the jallian wala bagh Incident?
    1.  Woods
    2.  Rippon
    3.  Curzon
    4.  Dyer

  13. Who was the author of the News paper "Kesari"?
    1.  Tilak
    2.  Annie Besannt
    3.  M K Gandhi
    4.  B R Ambedkar

  14. The year in which the partition of bengal was made and it was revoked respectively are
    1.  1905 and 1907
    2.  1905 and 1911
    3.  1906 and 1907
    4.  1906 and 1915

  15. Political Mendicancy -
    1.  None of the below answer is correct
    2.  demands of the no changers
    3.  demands of the extremists
    4.  demands of the moderates

  16. Who was the author of the News paper "New India"?
    1.  Gandhiji
    2.  Annie Besant
    3.  Jawaharlal Nehru
    4.  Tilak

  17. In which year the Muslim league was formed?
    1.  1904
    2.  1905
    3.  1907
    4.  1906

  18. Who was the viceroy of India during the Partition of Bengal -
    1.  Lord Canning
    2.  Lord Rippon
    3.  Lord Atlee
    4.  Lord Curzon

  19. Who said this "Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it" -
    1.  Gandhiji
    2.  Annie Besannt
    3.  Bal Gangadar Tilak
    4.  Gokhale

  20. Select the incorrect pair
    1.  Khilafat Movement  - 1919
    2.  August Declaration - 1918
    3.  Lucknow Pact - 1916
    4.  Surat Split - 1907

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