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Saturday, March 4

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 English & Tamil - TNPSCGURU.IN

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TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 English and Tamil Download TNPSCGURU.IN

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017


  • Important Days
    • March 8 - International Women's Day
    • March 15 - World Consumer Rights Day
    • March 18 - Ordinance Factory Day
    • March 20 - World Sparrow Day, International Day of Happiness
    • March 21 - World Forest Day
    • March 22 - World Water Day
    • March 23 - World Meterological Day
    • March 24 - World TB Day
    • 46th National Safety Day/ Week celebrated
      • March 4th - National Safety Day
      • March 4-10th - National Safety Week.
    • World Kidney Day
      • Every year the second Thursday of March was celebrated as world Kidney Day.
      • This year March 9, 2017 was celebrated as World Kidney Day.
    • Awards
      • Sahitya Academy Award 2016
        • Poornachalam was awarded the Sahitya academy award for Translation.
        • He was awarded for the book 'Poruppumikka Manitharkal' which was the translated version of the book 'Serious Men' written by Manu Joseph.
      • Nari Shakti Awards 2017
        • President Pranab Mukherjee presented the Nari Shakti purashkar.
        • The awardee are
          1. Kalpana Shankar
          2. V Nanammal
          3. Kalyani Pramod Balakrishnan
          4. Nandita Shah
      • Saraswati Samman Award 2016.
        • Mahabaleshwar Sail - has been award the Saraswati Samman Award 2016 for this novel Hawthan
    • Books
      • A Guide to Fort St. George
        • It is a book written by Historian V. Sriram
        • It details about 30 buildings inside the Fort St. George.
      • Midnight's Children - written by Salman Rushde
    • Kurukh
      • It is an endangered tribal language spoken by the Oraon tribal community in West Bengal.
      • This language belongs to the dravidian family. 
    • Anjali Amir
      • She is a transsexual women who is going to do a lead role (Heroine) in Tamil film 'Peranbu' strarring Mamooty.
    • Air India 173
      • Air India 173 flight set a record by circling around the world with all-women crew members.
      • The entire flight crew including the other ground staffs were women.
      • It started its journey from Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi) on Feb 27, 2017 to san fransico and reached Indira Gandhi International Airport on 3rd March 2017.
    • Two Airports Renamed
      • The Andhra Pradesh Govt has renamed two airports 
        1. Tripathi airport as Sri Venkateshwara Airport and
        2. Gannavaram Airport as NTR Amaravati Airport.
    • Syed Shahabuddin 
      • He was a former diplomat (IFS) and MP from Jharkhand who passed away recently.
      • He also served as the leader of the Babri Action Committee.
    • The National Library
      • It is the Largest Library of India, located in Alipore in Kolkatta.
    • TN CM inaugurated Audio alert system in Buses.
      • The Chief minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the audio alert system in buses.
      • This system alerts the passengers about the next stop like in the local trains.
      • This system helps the visually challenged persons travelling in the buses.
    • Dr. Thomas Starzl
      • He is a pioneer Liver transplant surgeon who died recently.
      • He is the first person to perform world's first liver transplant.
    • Jack Preger
      • He is an 86 year old physician from UK who offers free treatment for the poor in Kolkata.
      • Recently a documentary was made based on his life named 'Doctor Jack - One man, One Life One Fight.'
    • Times Higher Education's Best Small Universities 2017 ranking
      • The IISC - Indian Institute of Science located in Bengaluru was placed at the rank of 8.


      • NHRC issued Notice to Karnataka and Maharashtra
        • The National Human Rights Commission issued notice to Karnataka and Maharashtra States to report on the large number of Hysterectomy performed in certain hospitals in their states.
        • Hysterectomy means the surgical operation to remove the Uterus Completely.
      • Annual City Governance Ranking 2016
        • Thiruvananthapuram bagged the rank 1st in the list.
        • Pune and Kolkata gets the 2nd and third place in the list.
      • Niranjan Mardi
        • He was appointed as the New Home Secretary of Tamil Nadu.
      • Stuti Kacker
        • She is the chairman of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.
        • National Commission for Protection of Child Rights was established in December 2005.
      • Nizam Zaidi - Chief Election Commissioner of India
      • Loksabha Approved the Maternity Benefit amendment Bill 2016.
        • This bill provides for a 26 weeks paid maternity leave for the women working in the organised sector from the present period of paid maternity leave was 12 weeks .
        • It applies to all organisations employing 10 and more than 10 workers.
        • Women can make avail this benefit for the first two children.


        • The Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Act, 2017.
          • This act made possessing more than 10 number of old notes by individual and more than 25 number of old notes for study and numismatic purposes a crime.
          • Possessing more number of such old notes would attract a fine of Rs 10000 or five times the value of the money or whichever is higher.
          • The act received the President's assent on February 27, 2017.
        • GST
          • The Central Govt has planned to roll out the Goods and Services Tax from Sept 1, 2017.
        • Aadhaar Compulsary for Rail Tickets
          • The Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has announced that for availing the concessions for senior citizens they have to produce their aadhaar.
          • It will come effect from April 1, 2017.
          • Very soon for online ticket booking also the Aadhaar will be made compulsory.
        • TN hiked VAT on Petrol and Diesel
          • The Tamil Nadu govt raised the Value Added Price on Petrol and Diesel which came effect from March 6, 2017.
            • Petrol from 27% to 34% [New VAT %]
            • Diesel From 21.43& to 25% [New VAT %]
        • Abbreviations
          • NIIF - National Investment and Infrastructure fund.
        • FIPB
          • FIPB - Foreign Investment and Promotion Board.
          • The central govt has planned to abolish this board and replace it with a new one.
        • CAG 
        • Transparency International Report 2017 - Bribery rate
          • Transparency International recently conducted the survey among 16 Asia-Pacific Countries.
          • India was ranked 1st in terms of Bribery Rate (Highest Bribery rate).
          • Vietnam has the second highest bribery rate.
          • Japan has the least bribery rate.
        • D.Jayakumar
          • The New Finance Minister of Tamil nadu to present the state Budget of Tamil Nadu on March 16, 2017.
        • India's First Genetically Modified Varieties of Cotton seeds
          • It was developed by the Punjab Agricultural university.
          • The main advantage of these seeds is that the farmers can use the harvested seed for the next sowing.
          • The seed names were
            • PAU Bt1 , F1861 and RS2013

        Environment & Health

        • Pobitora Wildlife Santuary is in Assam.
        • Melanosis
          • It is a disease caused by Aresenic Poisioning.
          • It creates white marks on the skin mostly over the chest, abdomen and thigh areas.
          • The safe and permissible limit for arsenic in drinking water is 5 ppm.
        • Miracle Drug
          • The Penicilin is also known as the Miracle Drug.
          • It was discovered by Alexander Flemming.
          • Recently the mould in which the penicilin was created was sold for 97.5 Lakh.
        • Humboldt Penguin
          • It is a native penguin species of South America.
          • It is listed as Vulnerable species by the IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature.
        • Gahirmatha Sanctuary
          • It is located in the State of Odisha.
          • It is one of the largest nesting grounds for the Olive ridley turtles.
        • Kolleru Lake
          • It is located in Godawari District of Andhra Pradesh.
        • Lopinavir Syrup
          • It is a life saving drug for Children affected by HIV.
          • The stock of this drug has been reducing as Cipla, the only manufacturer of this drug stopped production citing delayed payments made by the Govt.
        • Ropar Wetland
          • It is located in Punjab.

        Science and Tech

        • BMD - Ballistic Missile Defence
          • Ballistic Missile Defence is a two layered interceptor missile system developed by DRDO.
          • It consists of two missiles
            Prithvi Defence Vehichle - for intercepting targets in exo-atmosphere at altitude over 85 Km.
          • Advanced Area Defence missile - for intercepting targets in endo-atmosphere at altitude of 15 km.
        • 1st Antyodaya Express
          • Antyodaya express is a fully unreserved superfast unreserved train.
          • The first Antyodaya express was launched between Ernakulam and Howrah (Westbengal).
        • Chandryaan II
          • It is India's 2nd mission to Moon which is expected to be launched in 2018.
          • ISRO Chairman: A.S Kiran Kumar
        • Swati
          • It is a Weapon Locating Radar WLR system developed by the DRDO.
          • It can accurately locate all enemy weapons in its range like mortars, shells and rocket firing.
        • Kalvari
          • It is India's first Scorpene submarine.
          • An anti ship missile was test from it recently.
        • ICEGOV 2017
          • ICEGOV - International Conference on Theory and Practise of Electronic Governance 2017 was held at New Delhi.
          • It the first time India is hosting this event.
        • INS Viraat
          • It is the oldest aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy.
          • It weighs 27800 tonnes.
          • It was decommissioned from service on March 6, 2017.
          • The Andhra Pradesh govt has proposed to convert it to an entertainment hub.
          • The decommissioning ceremony of the INS Viraat was held at the western naval command in Mumbai.
        • India's Longest Cable Bridge
          • PM Narendra Modi inaugrated the India's Longest Cable Bridge over the Narmada River at Baruch in Gujarat.
          • The length of the bridge : 1344m.
        • Scientists found New Canyon system
          • Scientists found a new canyon system in the Bay of Bengal near Kovvada in Srikakulam District in Odisha.
          • It may have developed because of the river Kandivalasa.


        • Mangala Samaraweera - Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka.
        • Joint Exercises
          • Al Nagah-II 2017
            • It is the second bilateral counter-terror exercise between India and Oman.
            • It will be held in the Dhauladhar Ranges at Bakloh in Himachal Pradesh.
          • Foal Eagle
          • Surya-Kiran XI
        • Penguin Random House
          • Penguin Random House Publication signed the contract to publish the memoirs of the former Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.
        • India's WTO Ambassador
          • J S Deepak to be appointed as the new India's WTO Ambassador.
        • Sweden to Reintroduce Conscription
          • Conscription means compulsory enlistment of people in Military service.
          • Earlier Sweden has ended the compulsory military service in 2010.
          • Now they have planned to reintroduce it.
        • SAARC New Chief
          • Amjad Hussein B Sial of Pakistan  was appointed as the new chief of SAARC.
          • SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
          • HQ: Kathmandu (Nepal).
        • Permanent Indus commission 2017
          • It is to be held at Lahore in March 2017.
          • Pakistan and India will discuss about the Indus water treaty in the meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission.
          • The talks will be negotiated by the World Bank.
        • Zeid Raad Al Hussein
          • He is the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights.
        • Sergey Kislyak
          • He is the Russian Ambassador to USA.
        • Muslim Ban 2.0
          • American President Donald Trump signed a new executive order which bans citizens of Six countries from entering USA.
          • The Six Countries were
            1. Sudan
            2. Syria
            3. Iran
            4. Libya
            5. Somalia
            6. Yemen.
        • IORA - Indian Ocean Rim Association
          • The 20th summit of the IORA was held at Jakarta in Indonesia.
        • San Brownback
          • He is the governor of Kansas in US.
          • He has written a letter to Indian Prime Minister to express his regret over the killing of Srinivas Kuchibhotta, an indian national.
        • Donald Tusk
          • He was the European union President who was reelected for the second term as the President of European Union
        • Hambantota Port
          • It is located in Srilanka.


        • ISSF World Cup 2017
          • International Shooting sport federation world cup was held in New Delhi.
          • Jitu Rai won the Bronze medal in the 10m air pistol category.
          • Jitu Rai won the Gold medal in the 50m air pistol category.
          • Amanpreet Singh won the Silver medal in the 50m air pistol category.
        • BCCI Awards 2016
          • Col C K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award - Ranjinder Goel and Padmakar Shivalkar
          • BCCI Lifetime Achievement Award for Women - Shanta Rangaswamy
          • BCCI Special Award - V V Kumar
          • Polly Umrigar Award - Virat Kohli
        • Nihan Sarin
          • He is a 12 year old chess player from Trissur in Kerala.
          • He has fulfilled the requirements to become an International Master.
        • ATP Mexico Open 2017
          • Men's Singles
            • Sam Quarrey (USA) won the title by beating Rafael Nadal (Spain) in the Final.

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